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Digital PowerSports Offers a Text-Your-Trade Option

Text-Your-Trade is the first-of-its-kind.

As an added feature to Digital PowerSports new website trade appraisal tool for powersports dealers, TRADE CYCLE, shoppers now have a Text-Your-Trade option. A website visitor who visits your website and completes the instant appraisal form (and receives their trade-in value while still on your website), can now have that same information conveniently sent via text to their cell phone.

Not only does text-your-trade offer another way to reach your audience, it also has other advantages


Text-Your-Trade. Photo courtesy of Reinis Traidas(CC No Derivatives)

Advantages for Texting

1.  Record keeping

The customer doesn’t need to write down the info to take it with them. It’s already waiting for them on their phone and easy to access!

2.  Internet connection isn’t needed to access the info.

If you can’t pick up a Wi-Fi signal or have internet access, you can still receive the information.

3.  Text messages get read

Test messages are reliably read. Open rates for text messaging towers over email at 98, whereas, 15-22% of email are opened and likely to be placed into the spam folder.

4.  SMS-enable phones are everywhere

Smartphones are widely used for navigating numerous important life
activities.  Being that about 90% of American adults own a cell phone
and19% of those rely to some degree on a smartphone for accessing online
services and information, a large portion would want this information
to be sent to their phone.

5.  Builds your audience 

When shoppers ‘opt-in’ to receive text messages, it offers another avenue to freely promote and reach your audience for future promotions.

6.  Psychological advantages of texting

The psychological affects of receiving text messages may cause recipients to want, desire and seek out. This is because Dopamine, a chemical needed for brain functions, is released when there is instant gratification excitement. “It increases your general level of arousal and your goal-directed behavior.”

What dealer wouldn’t want their shopper’s “general level of arousal” for buying a bike increased? What dealer wouldn’t want want 98% of their correspondence to get read? Or build their audience?

If you’re interested in experiencing what the TRADE CYCLE text-your-trade is all about, you can always do a demo.

Digital Power Solutions
Digital PowerSports connects customers with dealers via our website trade appraisal tool built exclusively for Powersports, RV and Marine dealers. We increase website lead conversions with TRADE CYCLE® and TRADE CYCLE® In Motion, the industry’s first website trade appraisal, lead conversion technology.