—— WHAT IS In-Motion ——

It’s the industries first home page avatar that maximizes website lead conversions. It was developed by Digital PowerSports as an added eye-catching CTA for their new Value-Your-Trade website tool, TRADE CYCLE. It can also drive your visitors to your RideItNow™ page!

Within seconds of a visitor landing on the homepage, a motorcycle (or your choice of an ATV, seadoo, camper or RV) travels across the distance of the home page to a checkered flag finish line, followed by the appearance of a ‘Value Your Trade In 60 [seconds]’ side tab. The tab can bring the visitor to your Trade Value or RideItNow page.

to increase web

Installed on
Home, Inventory
& VDP’s

Maximizes limited
real estate

Fires on mobile
& the flag appears
on every page

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