Same great web products and service

As our new logo indicates, we changed the name of our business from Digital Powersports to Digital Power Solutions.  We originally served the powersports vertical exclusively, but as our company evolved, we drew interest from the RV and Marine industries. After reviewing the results and success we are experiencing in all markets, we felt our brand needed a broader message, representative of all our customers.

“Thank you to each and every dealer that has believed in DPS and helped us grow from an unknown start-up in June 2015, to a company today with dealers in almost every state in the nation.

It has been made clear that our hard work, dedication to service and humble attitudes have helped us earn a place in the hearts of many of you. And while we acknowledge our roots, extending our gratitude to everyone who’s been there with us along the way, we are proud to announce we continue to grow.”

-Steve Moore, CEO
Digital Power Solutions

There has been no change in ownership or management and we will be providing the same great products and service on which we have built our reputation in the industry.

And… there will be some new things coming very soon for everyone!

If you have any questions about how this change may impact you specifically, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

DPS is the creator of TRADE CYCLE, the powersports, RV and marine industry’s first website trade evaluation tool that can increase a dealer’s website sales leads by as much as 50-100% in less than 30 days. To learn more about TRADE CYCLE in your respective vertical please visit the following websites:


Digital Power Solutions
Digital PowerSports connects customers with dealers via our website trade appraisal tool built exclusively for Powersports, RV and Marine dealers. We increase website lead conversions with TRADE CYCLE® and TRADE CYCLE® In Motion, the industry’s first website trade appraisal, lead conversion technology.