The absolute fastest way to generate leads!

Did you know that *98% of all text messages are opened in less than 3 minutes (compared to a 20% open rate of email) and 90% are read in less than than 3 seconds? Did you also know that 32% of recipients respond to SMS offers?

Why wouldn’t dealerships use text messaging for communication and marketing.

Benefits of Text Marketing

  • Higher Response Rates – Your mobile contacts are 10x more likely to redeem a brand offer made via mobile than a traditional print coupon.
  • Time Saving and Cost Effective – SMS marketing takes just a few minutes and  can even be automated. And since SMS marketing messages have four times the open rate and ten times the response rate of typical email marketing, there’s more long-term savings and a far greater ROI for your efforts.
  • Ability To Target and Track – You’re free to issue extremely relevant SMS marketing messages that are specific to the individual’s interests and it’s simple to gauge the success of each text issued.
  • Increased Urgency = Same-Day Traffic – By creating a sense of urgency, coupled with a high rate of immediate opens, you can create same day traffic.
  • SMS Supports Other Marketing Channels –  43% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when a mobile offer has been presented as part of a multi-channel campaign. It will not only enhance their sense of brand loyalty, but will also create new opportunities to generate sales.   For example, sending a simple follow-up message, “Have you read our email?” (to people who opted-in for that type of SMS) increases email open rates by 20-30%!

Getting Customers To Join or Opt-In

Customers are different and will interact with your dealership in different ways, so it’s best to cover all your bases when enticing them to sign-up. Here are a few ways to encourage customers to be a part of your SMS Marketing audience and what you’ll need from your mobile provider:

  • The ability to mine your existing customer data. The most valuable asset you have is the customer data you’ve already collected over the years. Your mobile vendor should work with you on importing and verifying your data. Once you’ve verified which numbers are mobile or landline, you can now invite your mobile customers to join your mobile marketing club by sending them an approved text alert.

According to the FCC, you have legal authority to reach out to your previous customers (done business with) via text message. You must ask them to join by replying ‘YES’ or ‘Y,’ and your invitation text alert must clearly identify your business (they CANNOT be forced onto your opt-in list and are not required to take any action to STOP future messages).

  • Online webforms for text club signups. A form on your website is another great way to get customers to share their mobile number. By simply filling out a few fields, such as first and last name, zip code, gender and mobile number, etc, these fields of data can be used to better target your customers with messages. Make sure you provide webforms that are mobile friendly!
  • Short code and keywords. Insist that your mobile vendor provide a provisioned short code and keywords. This short code is a 5 or 6 digit number that has been approved by mobile carriers and is treated like a phone number (a phone number is never approved by carriers for text marketing and are not designed for bulk texting). You should also have the ability to implement multiple keywords without incurring charges for each one, and, use different keywords for different promotions so you can measure the success by the responses you receive. For example, promote “Text MOTORCYCLE to 55678” verbally and in print so your customers can initiate the text exchange right from their phone. Make sure you display the required legal language anytime you promote a text offer.
  • Stand-alone kiosks for customer sign-ups. Your touchscreen tablet can display a custom design featuring your dealership and a call to action to draw the customer in with an incentive to join your mobile text club. You can immediately send them a text confirming they joined or have been entered to win a contest. You can also place kiosks at off-site events by having staff walk around asking customers to join or enter a contest through the tablet. This has proven very successful for dealerships in developing new customers.

Text Marketing With TRADE CYCLE

Dealers that incorporate TRADE CYCLE into their text marketing strategy, have realized that offering to give an instant trade value can convert leads from their text marketing campaigns. This is a very effective method and delivers results within minutes of sending out your first campaign.

Also to assist dealers with text marketing and social media campaigns, we encourage using a URL shortener to maximize the verbiage in the text or tweet they send out to their customer base. A shortened URL in most cases utilizes less characters in the body of the text, allowing for a more powerful message to be delivered to your prospective buyers.

Text marketing is just one of the ways dealers are using TRADE CYCLE to generate their own organic sales leads, schedule a demo to learn more.

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