“We’ve been with Digital PowerSports for about 4 months now it has generated a little over 250 quality leads… We’re averaging about 5 or more sales a month… The leads we get… we have all the information right there. If you’re looking to increase your leads and increase your sales, Digital PowerSports will definitely help you with that!” 

Kevin White
United RV

“Capturing 250 leads in 4 months is a huge accomplishment. It doesn’t hurt that you already have a beautiful website! I’m also really excited to see your results after using TRADE CYCLE with other marketing efforts. United RV, thank you for the kind words and for using TRADE CYCLE.

Steve Moore

Founder & CEO

Digital PowerSports

“Can’t wait to see what it’ll do for us in the future!”

United RV began its relationship with Digital PowerSports about 4 months ago, as did Florida Outdoors RV, and both are our first RV dealerships using TRADE CYCLE.

Kevin White, owner of United RV, is not only pleased with the volume of leads his dealership is receiving, but he finds the emailed leads that sales receives is very informative. A lead email is immediately sent to their sales team after the customer has completed the trade-in evaluation It contains the customer’s contact info, their buying needs and the condition of their trade.

Mr. White finds Digital PowerSports, “Very easy to deal with… and a seamless implementation into your website and into your system.” He also looks forward to using the tool more with social media and says he, “Can’t wait to see what it will do for us in the future!”

Digital Power Solutions
Digital PowerSports connects customers with dealers via our website trade appraisal tool built exclusively for Powersports, RV and Marine dealers. We increase website lead conversions with TRADE CYCLE® and TRADE CYCLE® In Motion, the industry’s first website trade appraisal, lead conversion technology.