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Flagg RV: This has brought in over 400 leads in the past 4 months!

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Trade Cycle has helped us expand our leads to new and existing customers by engaging them to give us information about their trade. This has brought in over 400 leads in the past 4 months resulting in higher sales. They have been very accommodating and easy to work with. The results we have acquired far exceeds the fee for this service!

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Black Book October Market Insights: RV

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Towable Values Back Off As Fall Approaches. “The average selling price of towables at auction last month dropped nearly ten percent, which is a surprise, given their recent market trends. However, it’s important to note that they are still above where they were three months ago, and roughly the same as they have been for most of the year. We’ll be keeping an eye on them to see if the market is truly softening, perhaps due to oversupply on the new side, or if last month was an anomaly.” Eric Lawrence, Director of Specialty Markets

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