Space Coast Harley-Davidson: “Definitely Recommend TRADE CYCLE”

“We get about 70-80 leads a month and we’re turning 10-20 of those into sales.”

Ethan Mann, Internet Manager
Space Coast Harley-Davidson

“We’re so excited to have Space Coast H-D on board with Digital Power Solutions. We know them to be one of the most prominent H-D dealers in the country, and knew TRADE CYCLE would give them many leads and sales. We anticipate a long and prosperous relationship moving forward. Thank you for choosing DPS!”

Steve Moore

Founder & CEO

Digital Power Solutions

TRADE CYCLE sends all the information you’ll need

Space Coast Harley-Davidson began using TRADE CYCLE®  by Digital Power Solutions in June, 2018.  Since then, they’ve received a total of 240 leads, with 74 leads in the last 30 days.

Ethan Mann, Internet Manager for Space Coast H-D, says they get between 10-20 sales from from TRADE CYCLE leads; and, the staff at DPS has seamless integration and fits right into the CRM.  Ethan looks forward to getting more sales from TRADE CYCLE in the future.

Digital Power Solutions
Digital PowerSports connects customers with dealers via our website trade appraisal tool built exclusively for Powersports, RV and Marine dealers. We increase website lead conversions with TRADE CYCLE® and TRADE CYCLE® In Motion, the industry’s first website trade appraisal, lead conversion technology.