H-D of Dallas: RideItNow™ is a Win-Win for Everyone

“RideItNow™ is one of the most customer friendly products available today. Our close ratio has increased dramatically since we started using RideItNow™ on our website. And since our customers pre-qualify themselves based on information they provide, it’s easy for our team to capture the leads and use them to increase our sales. RideItNow™ is a Win-Win for everyone involved!”

Annie Payne, Internet Manager
Harley-Davidson of Dallas

“Congratulations H-D of Dallas for consistently being in the Top 5 of dealers capturing trade leads with TRADE CYCLE. And now you’re knocking it out of the park with RideItNow™ too! You guys are doing a fantastic job in utilizing the various sales opportunities available to get leads. Thank you for sharing your passion about Digital PowerSports and for being another pioneer in the evolution of the dealer/customer engagement.”

Steve Moore

Founder & CEO

Digital PowerSports

“RideItNow™ YOU ROCK!!!”

Harley-Davidson of Dallas began its relationship with Digital PowerSports a year ago in January, when they started using TRADE CYCLE, a trade-in lead service that has generated 1,259 trade leads for their dealership so far.  Dallas has consistently made the top 5 of our Top 25 trade lead dealers almost every month since the joined Digital PowerSports.

Dallas later introduced RideItNow™ and REV (Return Exiting Visitor) to its services in August 2016, and now all 3 services by Digital PowerSports are running on their website. Their Internet Director, Annie Payne, describes the success Dallas has had with the RideItNow™ service.

Ms. Payne speaks about how “customer friendly” RideItNow™ is and how easy it is to capture leads. Because the shoppers pre-qualify themselves, their close ratio has “increased dramatically.”

TRADE CYCLE is the industry’s first and only website trade appraisal, lead conversion technology. RideItNow™ is another industry first, allowing website shoppers to shop-by-payment and instantly pre-qualify for payments without adversely effecting their credit score.

Digital Power Solutions
Digital PowerSports connects customers with dealers via our website trade appraisal tool built exclusively for Powersports, RV and Marine dealers. We increase website lead conversions with TRADE CYCLE® and TRADE CYCLE® In Motion, the industry’s first website trade appraisal, lead conversion technology.